Home Care after Endodontic Surgery


  1. Maintain an easy schedule for the day of surgery.

  2. Do not lift up the lip or look at the incisions as this can pull on the stitches and cause them to open.

  3. For the first 24 hours after surgery place ice on the area for 20 min on then 20 min off.

  4. Do not brush in the area of the incision. You will be given an antibacterial mouth rinse to use instead. Follow the directions for the mouth rinse. Continue to brush the other areas of your mouth as usual.

  5. Do not eat anything with sharp, pointy edges such as chips, pretzels, crusty bread as these may injure the tissue or sutures.

  6. Have your prescriptions filled and take as directed.

  7. After 48 hrs you can begin warm salt water rinses to help in the healing of the tissue.

  8. The stitches will be removed a week after surgery even though the stitches are dissolvable.

  9.  If some oozing of blood is noticeable place a moist gauze over the area and apply pressure.  If excessive bleeding occurs place a wet tea bag inside the mouth at the surgical area and press firmly on OUTSIDE of cheek for 1/2 hour. Keep head elevated. If bleeding persists, call the office.

  10.  Some bruising and swelling is normal after surgery.